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The examination method of mammary glandShanghai noble baby

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Need to go to a hospital undertaking checking, because of mammary gland we are to cannot pass naked eye to see, we basically are whether the examination is put in tit carninomatosis poison, and the breast appears when aching, it is the reason that appeared to affect because of mammary gland likely, we need to undertake mammary examination will judge an illness, oneself can control mammary way through pressing in the home, whether is examination breast put in nugget.

 How to check mammary gland

1, go to a hospital checking mammary gland how to be checked

To married already the female of Yo, the doctor can open HPV examination according to the circumstance. HPV is a personForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Abbreviate of name of tit tumour virus. HPV examination basically looks to whether be carried have HPV, will tell normally, the happening of HPV and palace neck cancer has affinity. The optimal time that checks a breast is the 7-10 day after menstruation ends commonly the left and right sides, because estrogen is right now right the influence of mammary gland is minor, mammary gland is in opposite physiology smooth period, the pathological changes of mammary gland or unusual be discovered more easily. And the time that the female after menopause can choose a breast to check freely.

2, what is mammary gland

Mammary gland is located in hypodermic the shallow-layer of film of easy veins that stand outShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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With depth between. Film of easy veins that stand out is extended to mammary gland a funicular flocculus interval is formed inside the organization, one aspect of the matter is connected at film of chest muscle muscleLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, another end is connected at the skin, secure put oneself in another’s position of mammary gland glandShanghai noble baby

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In the subcutaneous tissue of bosom. Mammary gland can issue lactate in the action of the element that urge breast, provide food for the youngest son thereby. On human body, corpus luteum element and development of conduit of extreme of flocculus of stimulative mammary gland of the element that urge breast become glandule bubble. After childbirth, the exudation of the element that urge breast increases in great quantities, mammary gland begins secrete breast.

 How to check mammary gland

3, the structure of mammary gland is what kind of

The amount of mammary gland (2 ~ 20) and position (in abdomen or on bosom) because of species different, mouth of most mammalian mammary gland is a tit, there is a certain quantity of breast conduit to start to talk on the tit, but only conduit of a breast is led to store antrum. A Silei. Cooper has 15-20 at discovering a the female sex 1839 mammary gland canal, but American susan. Le Fu, triumphant human relations. Lin Sai considers to think, have 6-9 only actually mammary gland canal leads to a tit from gland body, the mouth that the others discovers in the tit is sebaceous glands mouth, is not mouth of mammary gland canal.

How oneself check mammary gland

1, look

Observe seriously to the mirror, notice whether the breast appears the following phenomenon: ? し carbonyl owes? of sandpiper of a legendary venomous insect of discipline of purplish or white patches on the skin to be similar to change of tangerine skin model, tit of alar skin thickening; appears abnormal hollow, or deflective; is in desquamate phenomenon appears inside lacteal dizzy limits or ache tit of more than; has liquid ooze to come out several weeks continuously, especially hematic sample or the change with the colored skin with local; of purulent appearance secretion.

 How to check mammary gland

2, feel

Undertake one week later completely in menstruation, lie (lie low) or seat, the five fingers and approach uses the each part that shows abdomen feels mammary gland carefully by order, choose light, medium, heavy different strength to undertake palpation, be sure to keep in mind to cannot be held with the hand grab a breast, ordinary left hand checks right breast, the right hand checks left breast, because breast cancer Chang Yi happens alar reach lymph node of the area on clavicle to transfer, the medical of reason breast ministry should the size that convention checks alar lymph node, quality of a material and activity are spent etc. When undertaking checking, cannot carry catch alar organization or alar skin. The attention is bilateral mammary contrast. If appearShanghai night net

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The female of above phenomenon should undertake checking to the hospital instantly!

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