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Hypertensive to a lot of people, it is to compare not unfamiliarA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, this is a kind of healthy problem that puzzling a lot of people, also be the commonnest in current society inferior one of healthy problems. And hypertensive harm is greater still, the problem of occurrence hypertension, not seasonableShanghai Long Feng forum

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Have the word of recuperation, be opposite probably ministry of the patient’s heart, head and kidney cause certain harm! Hypertensive harm introduces in detail for everybody below!

Hypertensive dreariness

One, heart

(The harm watch of 1) hypertension is right now the heart damages a respect hemally. Hypertension basically is coronary artery blood-vessel to the harm of heart blood-vessel, long-term hypertension makes coronary artery produces congee appearance sclerosis, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Coronary artery stricture, make the blood that supplies cardiac muscle decreases, say for coronary heart disease, or say to be short of heart disease of courage and uprightness.

(The harm expression of 2) hypertension is damaging a respect to cardiac. When heart of hypertensive drag in, often make cardiac structure and function produce a change, because blood pressure is long-term elevatory, increased Zun Xin1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The burden of the room, make its long-term be put into trouble, left ventricle because of acting countervail gradually fleshy, outspread, formed hypertensive sex heart disease, can cause heart failure finally.

Hypertensive dreariness

2, head

Hypertensive harm expression is in the head basically is blood-vessel of influence head artery. Long-term hypertension makes cerebral blood-vessel happens be short of blood and denaturation, form cerebral aneurism easily, produce cerebral hemorrhage thereby.

Hypertension makes sclerosis of appearance of cerebral artery congee, can erupt simultaneously the formation of cerebral thrombus. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Pathological change of small arterial and out-of-the-way sex causes the head block of head of antrum unoccupied place sex. Cerebral hemorrhage is the commonnest complication with terminal ill hypertension.

The pathological changes place of cerebral hemorrhage, haemorrhage measuresFall in love with the sea

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How much is opposite with urgent processing circumstance prognostic significance of the patient is great, rate of general die in one’s bed is higher, even if survival also bequeath hemiplegy or break the sequela such as language. So the key of cerebral hemorrhage of prevention and cure is effectively control blood pressure.

Hypertensive dreariness

3, kidney

The harm of to the kidney character hypertension has: The hypertension that lasts for a long time makes force of the bag pressure inside kidney spherule elevatory, kidney spherule fiber is changed, atrophic, and kidney arteriosclerosis, because kidney essence is short of blood and kidney unit to decrease ceaselessly, bring about kidney function exhaustion finally.

As the ceaseless development of the illness, nephritic surface submits grain form, cerebral cortex attenuates, because be destroyed of kidney unit ceaselessly, nephritic occurrence atrophy, function of then happening kidney does not develop completely for uremia.

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